Friday, April 14, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

I know, I know... It's all been said about brokeback before but I just want to tell you about my experience of seeing this film.

You see, my partner and I saw this film in Manila , Philippines. He is Filipino and we were visiting his family. The cinema is in a huge new development called Rockwell, very palatial in Philippines terms and very secure as you cant get into the area without going through security check points.

The cinema is in a huge upmarket Mall, very very nice but ironically the poverty not far away is quite an eyeopener. Anyway, we went into the cinema and we found we were the only "male couple" there which is not surprising as the Filipinos are mainly catholic and gays are not really accepted. Most of the other cinema goers were middle class M/F Filipino couples mainly in the age group 35 - 50+ .

My partner and I both found the film shattering, it was so powerful and moving and I make no secret of the fact that I had a good cry.. but here's the rub.

In one part of the film when Ennis's wife saw him with Jack by the stairs the whole of the theatre jumped up and shouted "Oh No" !!! This audience were obviously hanging on every word and action, they were well and truly into it !! I was amazed !! Which just goes to show that a love story is a love story no matter what gender you are M/M, M/F or F/F .

It is beautifully directed by Ang Lee and in my book deserved all the accolades it got and judging by the audience in Rockwell, they thought so too.

If you haven't seen it.... then go and see what everyone is talking about !


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