Saturday, April 15, 2006

Aberdeen or Tenerife ?

A couple weeks ago I flew from Bristol to Aberdeen on a business trip and the airplane was a jetstream prop. job seating around 30 passengers. There was no room for internal bags or briefcases so they had to be stored as luggage. If you were tall and had a window seat you had to sit crook necked to avoid the bulkhead and if you were large and sitting next to another large person on the aisle side of the two seat arrangement, you had to fly the whole way with half of your backside over the aisle. You did of course get a smoked salmon sandwich (well one slice of bread folded and cut in half again) and a drink (including a bucks fizz already mixed and from a bottle). When I got off on arriving in Aberdeen I collected my briefcase off a trolley affair and it was soaking wet (good job it was waterproof!) and on the return journey on arriving at Bristol I collected my briefcase and again it was soaking wet but this time with beer and it stank my car out all the way home !!! Not my beer I hasten to add !! If I wanted to go to Aberdeen next Wednesday for instance this 1 1/2 hour flight or thereabouts, would cost me £386 return. Now I only paid £60 more for a return flight to Manila recently which was 16 hours in the air, good in flight entertainment and more than adequate food/refreshments. Was the Aberdeen flight good value for money ? Well just ask yourself..would you prefer two weeks in Tenerife or a trip to Aberdeen ? I leave it to you to decide which would offer more value.


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