Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mugabe and the White African

I have just watched the film Mugabe and the White African on T.V. which tells the legal battle undertaken by Zimbabwean white farmer Mike Campbell and his family to stop that despot Robert Mugabe from snatching their paid for farm under the guise of Land Reform.
It was a shocking film not least of all for the violence dished out by Mugabe's henchmen to Mike Campbell, his wife and son in law Ben who suffered a fractured skull just because they had dared to go to an international court. Watch it if you want to get first hand knowledge of the true situation in Zimbabwe.
From a personal viewpoint, I find it really frustrating that Mugabe is still walking around in Zimbabwe due to a corrupt election which he lost, dishing out daily violence to those who oppose him and causing terrible suffering to the population through a bankrupt economy.
What is also evident is the Mugabe henchmen are still at it in virtual space. Almost every review or comment on this film you find on the web has a response from an apology for a Mugabe sidekick who goes under the pseudonym of "Christian Allard" who spouts on about colonialism, British Empire Captain Campbell, intimating Mike Campbell snatched the farm (which incidentally he paid for on a loan and gave work to 500 mainly black workers) and other inflammatory clap trap. Yawn ! On every posting he tries desperately to put up a defence for what is not defensible.
Watch the film and judge for yourself. One thing's for sure, racism is not the sole domain of white people! There seems a case here for some sort of International intervention as the black community in Africa , and in particular South Africa, seem powerless or disinclined to do anything.

Oh and by the way, once the international court found on behalf of Mike Campbell Mugabe had their farm set on fire and burned it to the ground. How unexpected was that then !


Anonymous Christian Allard said...

First of all, let me clarify that I am not using a pseudonym unlike some bloggers.
As for your accusation of being a henchman for Mugabe, you could not be further from the truth. I accuse the family of Ben Freeth of sheer hypocrisy when Ben Freeth's supporting uncle, Sir Robert Hill Smith third baronet Crowmalie, is one of the MPs cashing in on Zimbabwe's misery. David Cameron has called on all companies and individuals with "any dealings" in Zimbabwe to examine their consciences and ensure that they are not keeping Mr Mugabe in power, yet members of the family of Ben Freeth are still profiteering.

10:45 am  
Blogger White Wolf said...

Hmm, I was wrong about your roots, you happen to be white not black but nevertheless you are an apology for a mouthpiece for the Mugabe regime by thought and what you write.

Every piece of crap you utter gives credence to this ruthless, inhuman, hitler'esque regime who beat elderly people to a pulp and set fire to their homes in the name of fairness to black people. Tell that to the starving masses in Zimbabwe you idiot and tell the dispossessed black workers who have lost their jobs and homes, who look daily at these once productive farms and see nothing but weeds and rubbish. You twat, don't you understand that the farms are not redistributed and then carry on as working units. Look at the film again and I would suggest you go to Zimbabwe yourself and see the real picture. Now there's a thought, you might wish to relocate from your cosy existence in Aberdeen and go and help the misunderstood (Not) Mugabe government to make a real difference to their people.
It doesn't matter what Sir Robert Hill Smith's business interests are but what does matter is there is no excuse whatsoever to use such violence against elderly people, their black workforce and the general population of Zimbabwe as a whole. You, Christian Allard may not actually be a Mugabe henchman directly, but indirectly you certainly are. On behalf of the population of Zimbabwe both black and white you should be ashamed of yourself.
I urge anyone reading this reply to go and surf the net under the name of this film and read the responses from this apology for a human being who supports the violence and brutal tactics of the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe.

12:12 pm  
Anonymous Christian Allard said...

I happen to agree with David Cameron, it does matter what Sir Robert Hill Smith's business interests are and I put it to you that if you really cared about Zimbabwe you would agree with me that anyone cashing in on Zimbabwe's misery is supporting the man you claim to hate, Mugabe.

Blood money: the MPs cashing in on Zimbabwe's misery

Tory frontbenchers are among those with shares in companies accused of propping up the violent – and now illegal – regime in Harare.

7:39 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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