Saturday, April 23, 2011

UK Banking System versus Tesco Express

It never ceases to amaze me nowadays at what greets me whenever I turn on the news or turn on my laptop.

The Middle East is ablaze, the people are uprising everywhere against their corrupt leaders and most of all innocent people are being slaughtered in Libya by a regime lead by a tyrant who will not let go of the reins and the free world stands by and watches when it comes to committing ground troops to protect them.

Closer to home, in Bristol City in the South West of England a small area called Stokescroft was involved in a riot on Thursday night when 160 police tried to evict some squatters who we are reliably informed were making petrol bombs. The graphic videos and TV coverage showed scenes very reminiscent of Egypt and Yemen (or so it seemed) as police battled to quell the mob with riot shields and batons. But there, the similarity with the Middle East ends!

What was the reason for this neighbourhood uprising? Was there a corrupt political regime in Bristol? Was there people disappearing off the streets and never being heard of again? Was there massive poverty and unemployment fuelling this bedrock of unrest?

Well actually no, it was all centred around the opening of a Tesco Express convenience store. Yep, you read correctly. All that violence and damage over the opening of a bloody Tesco Express.

We take to the streets over such a relatively minor issue as this when the whole population in the U.K. didn’t even raise as much as a whimper when the biggest raid on tax payers money occurred a couple years ago to prop up the corrupt and mismanaged banking system. They are still laughing at us as they raise their middle fingers and collect their bonuses this year supported by public donations which we had no say in.

Whilst I do not condone violence in any shape or form, it seems barmy to me that people take to the streets to oppose a mini supermarket on their little patch but basically the population as a whole chose to roll over and turn their backs on the biggest rip off this country has ever known.

Funny old world eh!!


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