Monday, April 17, 2006

When In Rome.....

On my recent trip to Manila we went for a few days into the mountains to Baguio which meant a 50 minute flight from Manila in a ropey looking prop job airplane. Baguio is a very nice city and the attraction is the temperature there is about 8 - 10 degrees less than in Manila. It has a very small airstrip cut into the mountains and landing there is a very unforgettable experience. Anyway, on leaving Baguio we had to go through a security check, in fact two in this very small airport. On opening my baggage for a second time I was told I could not take my deodorant with me onto the plane as it might explode. I was, of course incensed and I quite demonstratively pointed out that my deodorant had passed through the most stringent security check in the world at Heathrow, gone through Bahrain and Manila International and now suddenly in a twopenny Banana Republic airport it becames dangerous !! This very nice lady then turned to me with a smile and in a composed manner said " Sir, you are now in our country and you will please abide by our rules". I looked at her and thought " Yep, that is fair comment" and I of course shut up straight away. They took my deodorant away and my partner followed them a bit sheepishly after my vocal demonstration and he finally returned as we boarded the airplane. When we arrived back in Manila I was still a bit incensed and turned to him and said " I bet that someone's husband or brother now has my deodorant and that's the real reason why they took it !!". My partner then reached for his bag brought out my deodorant and placed it in front of me without a word. Ever felt a fool and completely lost for words ?


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