Saturday, September 16, 2006

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria (Thumbs Down)

Well it had to happen didn't it ? I suppose there was no way in this world that ALW and that apology for Uriah Heep David Ian would let a little thing like the public ruin their chances of making mega bucks from their S.O.M. by choosing the wrong person for the role of Maria Von Trapp.
So, professional Emma Williams has already received a twelve month contract for the part, who the BBC spokesperson (who is this person anyway?) says will play back up to the winner of the reality show a couple times a week.
Emma Williams is known for playing the part of Truly Scrumptious in the West End version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and isn't it funny that ALW got Siobhan to sing that part with the kids from CCBB as one of her tasks ? Am I a cynic...maybe.
So, how it looks at the moment is this... the winner of the TV show will guarantee the attendance and make the show an initial success through bums on seats.Then at the end of the normal six month contract offered to the winner (normal?.. how come Williams has a twelve month one then?) ..oh yeah, then Williams will take over the full lead role. Does that stink or what ? Just a bit I would say if it is true that is. Doesn't it take the piss out of us the viewers of the T.V. programme ? Just a wee (excuse the pun) little bit too.
I have made a note in my diary to check up in six months time if the winner tonight is still in the lead role of the show. I have a hunch she just may not be.. but I hope I am wrong.
Thanks to blogger Music Man for the lead on this. Shall I watch the finale tonight ? My partner wants to but I feel like puking up in a bucket at the moment as I feel like I have been well and truly duped.


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