Sunday, September 10, 2006

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria (update Semi-Final)

Well folks we are now down to three ! It was surprising that Aiofe was one of them, along with Abbey who was strong vocally and is likely to be destined for a musical stage career, as are all of the girls who made the top eight or so. No doubt the exposure they have received on the old tele will stand them in good stead even though they may not get the part of Maria. So in that respect they are all winners aren't they.
It was good to hear from God himself (ALW) that Simona was auditioning for Evita this week. Fantastic news! You go and blow their socks off girl o.k. !!!! So we are left with Siobhan, Helena and Connie. Siobhan gave a cracking version of All that Jazz from Chicago.. she really vamped it up and looked stunning. However, two thirds of the panel weren't very complimentary about her performance except David Ian that is. Predictable?..well, is the Pope Catholic ? Personally I thought Siobhan was fantastic but what we must remember is that Zoe Tyler is only interested in vocal perfection, which may be at odds sometimes with what an audience wants, if you get my drift. I want to go and see a performance and maybe I am not experienced enough to judge whether every note is pitch perfect and maybe I really don't care.... reasonable comment ?
Helena ..well what can we say. She just came alive and she does have a beautiful voice. Her rendition of My Heart Will Go On was stunning and she has changed her look over the past couple weeks and comes over as looking the part of a conventional star with pizazz and charisma. Well done to you.
When it came to outing the final contender it was between Aiofe and Siobhan and ALW chose Siobhan for her voice over Aiofe. Siobhan looked so stunned she just did not react to the decision as one would expect... and there is the rub ! Siobhan has everything, stunning looks, perfect soprano voice and a lovely temperament...but ..and there is a big but..... she lacks the confidence and self belief you would expect. Will this be her downfall? I expect Zoe Tyler would have said something about this had she had the opportunity last night after the sing off. I would love to be a fly on the wall in the next week leading up to the final..Oh my god, all those tears.
Connie came through as usual but I thought her performance was a bit ordinary although the panel and ALW thought it was great.. then I am only potential audience material after all.
So here we are looking forward to the final next week.. Siobhan, for gods sake make that giant leap and believe in yourself baby ! What am I looking forward to.. well, I want John Barrowman to camp it up a bit and be a real queen, after all he is a member of the club. I want to see Zoe Tyler burst into tears at the end and show she is human after all and I want to see David Ian take a grand out of his pocket and rip it up into small pieces to show he is not just motivated by money after all.
Good luck everyone for next week.. Oh and to Zo's friend, enjoy your trip and wear your I Love Julie Andrews badge in the audience so I will recognise you ha ha ha.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

heh you
i cant possibly wear a i love julie andrews badge i have too much taste although i have just been cast in a kids movie in a character rather like a glamouress mary poppins | or glinda from wizard of oz , but just for fun ill de in a black and white strapless dress and have long blond hair, i think you will know who i am it will be your instinct mabe ill let you know how the after show party was, if i change my mind about what i wear tuff i havent packed yet i arrive fri and am more concerned about a flight journey between usa and uk with my son.

1:07 am  
Blogger White Wolf said...

Hey, you enjoy yourself and have a great time. Your friend Zo is a fighter so I know she will need someone to support her after this gruelling marathon, that is apart from the usual large drink apres show. I am sure she will have some trouble shouting down John Barrowman who can be very opinionated. ha ha. Still its all good fun and we will be there glued to the old TV hankies at the ready. I am sure this will only be all for the good for your friend Zo, just what she needed eh. Hey and hope your son enjoys it too. Bye bye and good luck in the film and have a good flight.

6:04 pm  

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