Sunday, September 03, 2006

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria (Update)

Well folks we are now down to five budding Marias cause two were booted last night. Unfortunately, one was Simona who just could not get by the prejudice about her accent. She is a dedicated, hardworking and extremely talented actress and singer. Andrew Lloyd Webber said such nice things to her and pleaded with her to audition for Evita. Go for it girl, you deserve it.. YOU ARE A STAR ! Even the ice queen Zoe Tyler backed her up and said really positive things about her. Is the Ice Queen melting a little ? Also, the precocious little Leanne was booted as well, and for the right reasons. She was too young and showed it sometimes in her comments about the other players in this reality charade. I say charade because this is how it seems to be developing. There is no doubt that the girls are being manipulated by Andrew and co. so that they do not end up with the wrong person in the role. One by one the wrong un's are being outed and all under the premise that it is "You the public" who are choosing the right one for the role. If you believe that then you must need your head testing.
Back to the girls, I believe now that there are only three left who are suitable for the role. Aoife, Connie and Siobhan. The one who will get the role is certainly going to be Siobhan. The Producer letch David Ian is metaphorically in love with her for a start, and makes no bones about it. He is constantly talking about bums on seats and I am sure that he can hear the cash registers pinging. He is obsessed with money and sometimes it gets really boring. John Barrowman is the one who is planted on the panel to be enthusiastic, full of praise for their efforts and to give the feel good factor once they have been shredded by David Ian or Zoe Tyler. After all it is to a formula isn't it. John Barrowman loves every one of the girls and every one could be his Maria. Zoe Tyler, well this week she said some extraordinarily nice things about some of the girls but her compliment about Siobhan's voice was so overwhelming it has to sow the seed for success. As for Andrew Lloyd Webber, when Siobhan sung with the children his face just lit up and that said it all.
So there you have it Siobhan for Maria. Will I be right ? Time will tell. This programme has certainly buggered up my Saturday nights as we have to stay in now and see who is eliminated at 8.50 p.m. Oh, and if your reading this Simona.. believe it honey ...YOU ARE A STAR !!!!


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