Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Europride 2006

We went to Europride in London last weekend and had a really good day. For a start the weather was fantastic, brilliant sunshine all day long. The floats were great and the procession as a whole was colourful and vibrant. Of course, the atmosphere was electric and everyone seemed happy to be gay on that day. High points were .. a float for Gay Muslims Unmasked and they were not masked either. A sign said..Gay Muslims and yes, we do really exist. It was great to see them and they got real loud applause too. Well done to you all !!! There was a float for older lesbians too and it was great to see our much older sisters enjoying themselves so much. The whole of Picadilly/ Soho and the surrounding areas were buzzing, you couldn't move down Old Compton Street. Entertainment was fab, especially the drag contest in Leicester Square and Four Poofs and a Piano in Trafalgar Square. Thanks everyone for a great day, it was spot on guys and gals. Sorry we had to leave early in the evening but as England had lost some sort of football match there were the obligatory riot vans arriving and associated Police horses just in case there was trouble from the flag bedecked red and white painted yobs in the surrounding streets. I never saw any trouble at the time so lets hope it stayed that way. Cheers !!!


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