Thursday, May 11, 2006

UK Legal System Hijacked By Hijackers.

So here we go again ! Is this country mad or what! Give me strength !!!
It appears now that acts of terrorism, cause that's what hijacking a plane is, are now condoned by the UK legal system. Yes it's really true nine Afghans who hijacked a plane are being allowed to stay here !! At least there is one thing positive in all this, the UK Government are hopping mad about this barmy legal ruling!!
Home Secretary John Reid said "I can confirm that we will be seeking to overturn yesterday's decision on the Afghan hijackers. I can also confirm that I will be paying very close attention to this matter".
"When decisions are taken which appear inexplicable or bizarre to the general public, it only reinforces the perception that the system is not working to protect, or in favour of, the vast majority of ordinary, decent hard-working citizens in this country.
"That is a perception that should worry all of us - and it is a perception that all of us should be working to put right."
Worried ? bet we are Johnny, and we all should reflect on the so called judgment (or is it misjudgment?) of these so called guardians of the law who seem to be so out of touch with reality.
I hope John Reid does all he can to put right this gross error on the part of the judge involved and at least make amends by immediately sacking him so that you and I will not have to financially support this justice weirdo.
It's just one more thing which makes you realise that this country is a soft touch and that we are an open house to every trouble maker in the world no matter what devilish means they use to get here. Why do we not have the guts to ship them straight back from whence they came even if it means they may be dished up with a dose of their very same medicine.


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