Friday, April 21, 2006

Bimbo Sports Presenters

I have recently moved and found myself once again watching breakfast T.V. whilst I am ironing my shirt for work or brewing up a filter coffee.

Now it's sometime since I have watched breakfast T.V. maybe as long ago as Chris Evans on the Big Breakfast.. but one thing bothers me ! It's this fashionable trend of giving the sports news to Bimbo female presenters. I dunno, but try as I may to get my head round this I just cannot give any credibility to some immaculately manicured and coifured female presenter waxing lyrically about football, rugby or cricket as if she is desperately trying to be "one of the boys".

Now I mainly watch Sky News, although other channels follow suit, and I find myself irritated to such a degree that I go to the bathroom for a shave whilst they are twittering on and return to my shirt after the programme has moved on to some other topic.

I can assure you I am not a chauvinist pig but am I alone in this ?


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