Monday, April 17, 2006

Roger Waters in Israel

Roger Waters is a star in his own right and he does not need the label ex Pink Floyd all the time. In fact, if the truth be known he WAS Pink Floyd when it came to inspirational songs and lyrics.If you listen to his music he is protesting about lots of things, he recognises and acknowledges the many injustices in our world. It therefore doesn't surprise me at all that he has shifted the venue for his forthcoming appearance in Israel from Tel-Aviv to a chick pea field in an Arab - Israeli town on the boarders of the West Bank. He is firmly against the West Bank wall and it's network of razor wire but rather than deny his Israeli fans the opportunity to see him and his band he has switched from Tel-Aviv to Neveh-Shalom rather than boycott the event with a non appearance. Roger Waters has a superb band at the moment, his music is lyrically inspiring and I hope both Arab and Israeli fans thoroughly enjoy themselves , for at least one thing they will have in common on the day will be their love for brilliant music and superb musicianship!! Well done Rog. !!


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