Saturday, May 06, 2006

Road Rage And The Police

I heard that a public transport company with a high incident rate of assault was told by the police when the company followed up on a nasty road rage assault on one of their staff that the police would not be pursuing the matter further as the elderly assailant (60+) was "having a bad day". I am sorry can you repeat that please !! This employee took a battering and the assailant was having a bad day !! How bad was the employees day after that then?
Now, on the other hand do you think it at all possible if every driver who is captured on a speed camera pleads that "they were having a bad day" they will escape three points on their license and the £60 fine ? Or do you think that assault causing bodily harm is a lesser crime ?
I wonder sometimes, in respect of the police, what exactly we pay for with our hard earned money. It certainly doesn't seem to be security and protection. There are plenty to be found though hiding round corners waiting to take your money and livelihood away with their speed scameras.


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