Saturday, April 22, 2006

Barclaycard / Barclays Bank

Hands up who's got a Barclaycard !! Well I haven't anymore thank god. You see I have just paid it all off, well I thought I had until I received a statement from them saying I owe £9 something which is interest on the cash balance !! Whoaahhh ! Now hang on there, I telephoned their automated system which told me " your outstanding balance is xxxx " so I instructed my bank to pay it off in full.

When I called them today and asked why I had this balance outstanding when I had paid it off in full I was told " Ah, yes I have the answer, it's because we calculate the interest on cash balances daily ". Oh really ? Well, why do you tell me I owe X amount when in fact you are telling me an untruth cause it isn't that amount at all !! No matter how hard I tried as well as being accused of not understanding cash interest, not having read the terms and conditions etc. Oh yeah, we all do don't we with a fine toothcombe and of course understand every tiny word even though it is couched in financial speak. Of course we do silly me !! I said I would refuse to pay it and I was told, well then it will just mount up and up as we add more interest. Very customer friendly indeed.

Well I have to say that I have cut my Barclaycard up and if you all have any sense you will pay yours off or transfer your balance and do the same! For gods sake don't borrow any money on your card they will squeeze your nackers for every last penny they can extract. It smacks of sharp practice but you can bet your bottom dollar there is a little well hidden clause in their terms and conditions saying they can do it but I cannot be bothered to look myself. I am glad to be shot of them !! Good riddance Barclaycard you will not be missed !!!!!!!!!


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