Saturday, April 29, 2006


I used to like ebay ! but have you noticed that in some categories it is becoming less of an auction site but more of a retail shop window ? Nowadays you almost have to wade through pages and pages of "buy it now" before you find the odd genuine domestic seller who is having a clear out. You have to be careful as the price of these retail "buy it now's" is often the same if not more than you will buy for at your local out of town store.

I have also noticed a veritable onslaught of retail sellers from China. I was looking at electric guitars and there are dozens and dozens all on auction but obviously from retailers.W ho in their right mind is going to buy an item like that from China when you are thousands of miles away and given their inclination toward sharp practice. (see Hong Kong Scam).

I have heard that ebay are going to introduce a retail only site..Hooray the fun has definitely gone out of ebay so can we get back to being a proper auction site please !! Thank you.


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