Saturday, May 06, 2006

Arranged Marriages

Now, I really did not want to return to this subject as I have had my rant already. However, I have just read a piece in the news about a Muslim couple in the Indian Western State of Gujarat who have just given their wedding vows over the telephone !! It was all accomplished using speakers so that family and witnesses etc could hear it clearly !! The key paragraph in the article which is striking is ...."We made the best use of the communication network and exchanged vows over the phone," said Agarbatiwala, a resident of Ahmedabad, the main city in the western state of Gujarat, who is yet to meet his wife.

This reminded me of a time I was in a restaurant in my home town with one of my Muslim friends and the Manager a Bengali (aren't they all in British Indian restaurants :o)) ) struck up conversation with us. It turned out that he was very excited because he was getting married in six weeks and my friend said..oh that's nice, does she live over here ? No, we were told. When did you meet said my friend? Oh, I have not met her yet said the Manager grinning broadly, but I have a photograph of her, would you like to see it ? We of course declined and went back to our meal and got excellent service after that.

This is the last word on the subject.


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