Monday, May 08, 2006

Filipino Maid Cuts Off Saudi Employer's Penis

So a Filipino woman has cut off the penis of her Saudi employer when he tried to force her to have sex whilst his wife was asleep. Well Good for her !!

The downside is that surgeons attached it again..Yah Boo !!

Thousands and thousands of Filipino men and women work in the Arab states in order to keep their families back home and pay for their children's education. Their sacrifice is overwhelming, they forego seeing their children and grandchildren growing up and sometimes don't go home for years on end.

My partner is Filipino and he has worked in Saudi and his mother still does. I have been told horrendous stories of men and women being sexually assaulted and even raped by Saudi men, who treat these gentle ever smiling people like third class citizens. Not all, I have to say but certainly very many.

My partner was traveling on a bus in Saudi and when he was the last one aboard the driver closed the doors and sped off at high speed to try and get into this tunnel with him. My partner had to jump from the bus at high speed in order to escape and he was of course scared whitless. He had every reason too I would say.

I sincerely hope that this woman who was molested by her trusted employer is treated fairly and justly, but I doubt it in this Arab State where women are not equal to men. The greatest downside to this tragic story is the skill of the surgeons. It would have been a just reward for this man to reflect on his barbaric ways everytime he looked down and fumbled for the stump he now had to pee out of.


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