Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Essex Police Use Two Speed Scameras To Catch You

Yes, it's really true ! Essex Police are using a second camera to take a picture of the front of your vehicle as well as the back so as to give a clear indication of who was driving the vehicle. Why is this ? Well it's to stop anybody from passing
their points on to other members of their family when their job and livelihood may be in jeopardy. Nice people aren't they !! and of course other forces are looking at possibly doing the same. Well of course they are, how silly of me not to think so.

Now lets look at The Essex Police and for a start at their record, or should I say, non record of police officers who get flashed in speed cameras and get prosecuted. Apparently Essex police were caught on speed cameras 5,000 times during the first six months of 2005 and guess what ? Yes you have guessed it, during this period there was no record of any disciplinary action against any Essex Police Officer for speeding offences. Do you find this hard to believe ? I don't actually, in fact it's pretty believable given the police's record for looking after their own instead of looking after the citizens of this country who pay their goddam wages.

Now look at the Essex Police record against other Police Forces local to them.

In Suffolk between April 2004 and March 2005, 40 officers while on duty were caught speeding. Of those 27 were on their way to incidents and were not prosecuted, while 13 officers were issued with fixed penalty tickets for speeding.

In Bedfordshire between April 2004 and March 2005, 2,519 police vehicles were found to be speeding, mostly cars responding to emergency incidents. Six police officers and two members of staff had their licenses endorsed with three penalty points and were fined £60.

Hertfordshire Police said in 2004 there was one incident of a marked police car being sent a penalty notice for speeding on a non-blue light call. An investigation found that the police exemption did apply in this case. Still a bit hard to believe though.
Now here is the real crunch from Essex Police..An Essex Police spokesman said: "We are entirely satisfied that any Essex Police vehicle which has activated a safety camera in the period in question did so for an entirely legitimate purpose." Oh Yeah, and George Bush has been nominated for next Director General of Amnesty International !!!!
In January 2004 Inspector Nick Burston of the Road Policing Unit of Chigwell admitted ..... She said: "We are tending to have a reduction in the number of serious injury or fatal collisions in those areas".
"But in an awful lot of cases, it's not excess speed as in 'doing faster than the speed limit' which is causing the fatalities."
So here we are in 2006 and Essex Police are having to justify the increase in speed scameras when statistics do not show the dramatic decrease in serious road injuries one would have expected. But then we all know why there is such a proliferation of cameras don't we.. and it aint nuffin to do with safety whatsoever. Jobsworths is what comes to mind !!


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