Sunday, June 25, 2006

Phone the Samaritans...but only if you have a mobile phone

The Brunel suspension bridge in Clifton, Bristol is a well known suicide site. If you throw yourself off it you are most definitely not going to survive. Imagine my surprise to find that at each end of the bridge there are signs complete with phone number which ask you to phone the Samaritans if you are desperate and need help .. but guess what there is no phone nearby.

Now maybe the signs should be amended to read.. phone the Samaritans if you need help...but only if you have a mobile..or... your nearest phone is down the road five hundred yards, turn left at the post box, second left and then right again and the phone box is situated next to the fish and chip shop.

Now it doesn't take a lot of wit to realise that a desperate person without a mobile is not going to search for a phone.. so why not locate one near the sign and blow the risk of vandalism etc. If you have identified a potential risk hotspot for gods sake mitigate that risk.


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