Wednesday, July 05, 2006

BT Rip Off

I have just had a look at my BT phone bill on line. Why? Well, my partner found through another web site that by directing your calls via a call centre you can make substantial savings when telephoning a mobile abroad. His family is in the Philippines and he told me calls were only 7 1/2 pence per minute incl. VAT at any time of the day.

So, the reason I was checking my bill is because I frankly didn't believe this and thought there must be some sort of catch. Imagine my surprise when I checked to find it was completely kosher. What astonished me was the difference between the BT call rate and this other was enormous. For instance...

BT .... 9 mins 35 secs - cost £6.72 ..therefore call rate is 71 pence a minute plus VAT.

Other .... 1 hour 21 mins - cost £4.98.. therefore call rate is 6 pence a minute plus VAT.

Of course , we all know that BT are ripping us off right, left and centre with their monopoly but this is more than just a rip is in fact gross extortion!

The web site to visit is called and the section is International Callchecker. If you make calls abroad I urge you to check it out. You will also be able to make savings on U.K. calls too.
We are currently looking at other options for phone and Internet contracts from other sources. Unfortunately we do not have cable in our town but nevertheless we know we can make substantial savings on our phone and internet bills from BT every month. Search around, you will be surprised what you will find. BT certainly deserve to get that metaphoric kick in the balls for being so greedy.


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