Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lebanon Crisis

I don't know about you but I find the whole thing about the current middle east crisis very scary shit ! As civilised people we have to deplore this unnecessary loss of human life on both sides but when you acquaint yourselves with the facts do you blame the Israelis for their retaliation against Hezbollah given the Israeli's high degree of intelligence gathering.
Hezbollah have created this state within the true state of Lebanon and under the governments nose. They have set up their own infrastructure, schools, hospitals, banks, local government, security, army and all with the help of Syria and Iran. Iran have bank rolled Hezbollah to the tune of billions of dollars over the past couple of decades and Iran also flooded them with their religious clerics to indoctrinate the Hezbollah masses in the true ways of Islam because Lebanon was becoming too Westernised and multicultural. Iran also helped Hezbollah to build up a huge arsenal of rockets/weapons during this period.
So, does it scare you that Iran is now defying all the Western world's demands to give up creating a nuclear capability. In view of the current situation, do you honestly believe that they only want it for creating electricity ? Are the Americans right to feel twitchy about this? Well, we all should be..... very very twitchy because these are very very scary people we are dealing with.
In the name of the civilised world I therefore plead with all it's leaders to get round that table pronto and come up with a solution before we are all dragged into this unholy conflict with it's inevitable consequences.


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