Monday, June 27, 2011

First Direct Bank - Rip Off Charges

I know I have said it before but once again First Direct Bank are ripping off their customers big big time.

I have again stupidly gone overdrawn for a matter of hours over a weekend on two occasions in one month by the princely sums of £1.95 and £5.00 respectively. First Direct deducted £50.00 from my account (which is a second account) and at the same time made me overdrawn again so that . . guess what? Yep they can now cane me for another £25.00 charge !

Of course when you phone up you get a rather nice Scottish lady who explains when I accuse them of gross extortion that she has sympathy for me but they are unable to refund charges unless it is their mistake. Hmmmm, unlikely they will make mistakes with so many potential customer charges at stake !

Of course, they are not there to help me are they as I am only a customer after all and it was foolish of me to make such an error. However, I still maintain that charging £25.00 is not fair and this level of charging was considered by the banking Ombudsman to be a gross overcharge. £12.00 was considered to be a much more realistic figure. First Direct are obviously smug enough to stick a middle finger in the air to their customers but I am realistic enough to think "what goes around , comes around" and I eagerly look forward to that day.


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