Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wellington Monument

I have been up into the beautiful Blackdown Hills in Somerset recently and decided to visit the Wellington Monument which overlooks the town of Wellington and the Taunton Vale. The views are breathtaking but oh my..what have they done to the monument.
It looks flaming ghastly. It's surrounded by a high (about 12 foot) fence made of corrugated steel sheets and looks like something out of a scrap dealers yard. When you look through the makeshift door, (also made of steel sheets) it doesn't look like there is much going on so what are they doing there? Renovating it or what?
If they wanted to keep people out they could have at least put up a palisade type fence which you could see through and get a glimpse of the complete monument and the historic cannon. What a mess.. what are the National Trust doing? They should know better. What a disappointing trip for us.


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