Friday, September 19, 2014

Lloyds Bank Credit Card

Imagine my surprise when a letter dropped through my door from LLoyds Bank stating that they were going to cancel my credit card within two months. The letter was the usual standard bullshit which covered every eventuality and not personally written to me as an individual card holder. I thought to myself, this is strange as I have no balance, in fact I haven't used the card for about a year and yet the letter was saying they make their decision based on card usage, how I have managed my account and information from external credit agencies.
 It also said I can view my credit details by sending £2.00 to an address they quoted. I would love to see that as I have no debt, no balances outstanding on credit cards, no loans . . . nothing so I must have a really bad credit rating right? LMFAO.
Then it struck me, they are closing my account because they are not making any money out of me, stupid me. So Lloyds Bank, why don't you say that instead of sending me a standard letter which does not fit my situation, all wrapped up in bullshit and sounding like you are doing me a favour. Have the guts to come right out with it and say WE ARE NOT EARNING MONEY OUT OF YOU SO WE ARE CLOSING YOUR ACCOUNT!! Idiots.


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