Monday, July 16, 2012

Dirty Tricks

Now I am a sucker for 70's rock music. There were so many gigging bands during that time that it was possible to go and see good live music every weekend within a 20 miles radius of my home, then in Hertfordshire.

One of my favourite bands at the time was Dirty Tricks (not to be confused with The Dirty Tricks a current three piece from Norwich). They produced three great albums during their time,  self named as per the above, Night Man which is outstanding and Hit and Run.

Dirty Tricks was fronted by Kenny Stewart, a Rod Stewart look alike (forgive me Kenny) but with the most amazing rock voice (unlike Rod).

To cut a long story short, this truly great band are still together but have been touring for several years as a Led Zeppelin covers band named Stairway to Zeppelin. What a bloody waste you guys, what a bloody waste.

They have recorded a fourth album once again as Dirty Tricks called Up At The Nine Count and if you like your music with a 70's feel then please go and buy it, it's on iTunes. I am listening to it as I write and it's fecking brilliant. Kenny Stewart has lost none of the fire in his vocals and John Fraser - Binnie's guitar licks are swirling around all over the place. Fantastic guys . . . you should tour as Dirty Tricks again, you have some dedicated fans out there for sure and here's one who will be queueing up to see you.

Go buy the album . . as I said if you like your rock music with a 70's feel you wont be disappointed.


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