Monday, April 23, 2012

Is The Voice Ageist?

I love the concept of the voice. 4 judges who choose people solely on their voice and not their looks to go forward to be chosen as THE VOICE with a recording contract etc.

It was great to see who they chose, all sorts of ages shapes and sizes but one thing they had in common a voice good enough to make the judges sit up and listen.

Well, the teams have been chosen and now it's into the arena, pitting one against one to whittle the forty hopefuls down but, oh dear, I would never have believed that the selections are being made based on ageism. What a pity, some great voices among the older contestants but it was mostly the young ones chosen.

Barbara Bryceland was sensational, Deniece Pearson was the consummate professional with a great voice, J Marie Cooper slaughtered rival Sophie Griffin.

Will i. Am said, I am giving it to the 19 year old as I remember what it was like at 19. OMG what about the voice Will! J Marie Cooper is only 27, on the scrap heap at 27 FFS!

Jessie J said, J Marie Cooper had nothing more to give ! Again, at 27 FFS!

Tom Jones gave it to the guy with the curly hair, cause he (Tom Jones) started out with curly hair. David Julian was slaughtered vocally by John James Newman but of course John is just that little bit older at 33 than 23 year old Davey Wavey.

Look Producers, if you want just young people then go the way of American Idol and audition only young things and not try to be politically correct when it comes to age, which has now backfired on you.

Incidentally I can remember about three years back when Jessie J was supporting Cindi Lauper, on stage with one guitarist and backing tracks. Me thinks you are getting just a little bit too big for your boots which is a pity as I had you pegged for stardom back then. To say that at 27yrs of age a person has nothing more to give,  smacks of a catty remark from a chavvy teenager.

I shant be watching anymore of The Voice and the only one I'll miss is Will i.Am, a very sensible and modest person with a wicked grin.


Blogger David M said...

I watched it then I got board with it.The concept of choosing people by there voice only is a great idea but in reality doesn't work because at some point they have to turn round and see who's singing.
You could see by some of the judges comments and the look on there faces when they didn't choose an act and saw who was singing.
I don't care what anyone says they make there choices on looks also.

11:32 am  
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