Friday, September 22, 2006

Abu Izzadeen (Trevor Brooks)

I was listening to Radio 4's Today programme on the way to work this morning when John Humphrys was interviewing Abu Izzadeen the heckler who shouted down John Reid when recently addressing a Muslim gathering.

What I heard from Jamaican origins Izzadeen made my blood run cold. He was ranting and raving about death to Blair, George Bush and just about anyone else who happened not to be Muslim.

As I have said before, I have many moderate Muslim friends and I can say unequivocally that HE DOES NOT SPEAK FOR THEM or the majority of the Muslim community in this country who have worked so hard to embrace the very democracy and freedom that Izzadeen hates and detests so much.
I have linked to the BBC site so you can hear the interview for yourselves. Izzadeen wants Sharia law to rule in this country, he said so... but guess what.... I don't !!! I cannot forget the harrowing images on the T.V. a few years ago from Afghanistan when an Afghani secretly filmed the Taliban drive a truck into a packed football stadium with two women in the back. They took the women out of the truck made them kneel and shot them in the back of the head with a rifle. I still carry the shock of that thanks but no thanks..I would rather live in the cesspit of the West wouldn't you.
If you want to see where this guy really comes from just type his name into a search engine and you will get the full picture. Don't forget he said the 7/7 bombers were praiseworthy and he refused to condemn them or the 9/11 attacks.
It is therefore clear Izzadeen is not unknown to the authorities who have threatened to charge him before but do not appear to have delivered despite the threat to do so. Also, the Today programme omitted to tell us listeners the history of Izzadeen before the interview and this does leave a little questionmark as to why this was felt necessary.
Anyway, going back to the interview, If Izzadeen hates and detests our society so much, why doesn't he go and live in a Muslim country governed by sharia law? John Humphrys asked him this very question but of course there was no straight reply just a rant about us advocating mass deportation of all Muslims who disagree with our ways which is typical and not unexpected.
Today is a sad day for every moderate Muslim that Izzadeen insulted on several occasions during the interview. Do we really need people like him in this country spreading his evil bile and stirring up such hatred?


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