Monday, September 18, 2006

Tommy Lee's Rock Star

I have to confess I have been avidly watching another reality T.V. show.. Tommy Lee's Rock Star which is the search for the lead singer to front Tommy Lee, Jason Newstead and Gilbey Clarke's band Supernova.

There have been some stunning performances from both girls and boys but you know, it is a foregone conclusion that this band could never be fronted by a chick singer, even as good as Storm Large. One contender, Dilana was a mess pierced, tattooed and with a real attitude problem.
The House band are amazing and their Brazilian guitarist just delivered everytime with such power and panache..WOW!
So who will win now we are down to just five. Well, Lukas Rossi a small eccentic eyeshadow wearing Canadian with such an unbelievably powerful voice delivered a mindblowing snails pace version of Bon Jovi's Living On A Prayer with just keyboards in the background and him on guitar. It was awesome.
So Lukas for the part I guess.. well, as it's a re-run on our T.V. it's all over in the States now anyway ha ha. If you like Rock music you will like this series, the singing at times was fantastic even if the comments from the "stars" was a bit cliche'd at times... but then that's reality T.V. for you isn't it. Good luck Lukas.


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