Sunday, April 20, 2008

Abu Izzadeen (Aka Trevor Brookes)

Trev . . . you're well and truly nicked !!!
I wrote about our Trev some time ago after that disgusting interview with John Humphreys on Radio 4's "Today" programme where he ranted and raved about killing all us "Kuffir" unbelievers (who incidentally pay him and his family benefits) and the installation of a sharia state in this country.
I wondered then how the authorities in this country could let this maniac loose among us. Hooray, at last though, they have come to their senses and jailed this loonatic for four and half years.
Good riddance, but then thinking about it, I bet you and I are still paying out of our pockets to keep his family whilst he is away. Is there a case for throwing away the key to his cell ?
On behalf of the rational, law abiding citizens of this country justice is at last seen to be done


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