Thursday, April 10, 2008

Speed Choice

I must admit I have been a naughty boy and got caught by a gatzo doing 37 mph in a 30 mph area along a main road where the speed limit changes around four times in about 1 mile.
Yes, I was distracted by my passengers and ignored my road angel and bingo. . flash flash we've nabbed another loada dosh boys.
Now as I was only doing 37 mph I have been given the option of attending a speeding workshop for three hours instead of having three points on my licence. Funny really cause guess what the cost of the course is ? Would you believe £60.00 the same as the fixed penalty but this time described as an "administrative charge". Say no more.
The option letter was pretty threatening from Avon and Somerset Police . . you know the usual trying to make you out to be a criminal etc .but what struck me was the way they implied that if you don't take it seriously during the workshop we will withdraw the offer of not having three points and slap the fixed penalty on you. Oh , by the way, they keep the £60 administrative charge which is "not refundable".
Anyway, I sent off the form requesting a "workshop" instead of three points. They said on the instructions that I had up to 120 days after the offence to attend a workshop which I thought was reasonable seeing as most of us workers have busy schedules in our diaries. I was also told not to send the £60 administrative charge as they will contact me.
Imagine my surprise to get a reply back in less than a week giving me a workshop date approximately two weeks after the notification. As I have said, most of us have full diaries a month ahead at least so when I checked mine it was almost inevitable that I had appointments I could not change i.e. in my case I had two training courses to facilitate that day which had been fixed in accordance with my employers launch of a new high profile policy.
Ah, I thought, I have 120 days so I can change it to another day. Imagine my surprise that the course fee now increases to £90 with an additional £30 administrative charge added.
£30 administrative charge . . is that realistic ? According to the judiciary the Banks £30 administrative / overdraft fees have been grossly exaggerated and they have been forced to reduce them and pay back millions to fleeced customers. Of course £30 is not realistic.
In the case of Speed Choice it would not be beyond the whit of any organisation given that Speed Choice's targeted market are mostly busy businessmen and women could, given they supposedly have 120 days to play with, arrange dates to suit their diaries but . . . that is unless it is all a deliberate ploy to increase revenue. Revenue collection ? Do I really think that is the case ? Am I being really naive ?
What do you think ? Isn't it all a bit Hitler'esque. Have a look at the scanned document.

I feel like saying stuff you, I'll take the three points and pay you the £60 just to stick my middle finger up at you and say fuck off you parasites.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for that.What interests me is that I have just received an NIP for doing 37mph in a 30 zone.Iv also heard of others with the exact speed of 37 in a 30.Hmmm...either the cameras are f***d or a lot of drivers limit their speeding to 37mph!What a scam to make money out of the already punished drivers.Its disgrace.

1:20 pm  
Blogger White Wolf said...

Hey man. . I don't put anything past the police these days. You can bet your bottom dollar that this is all about revenue collection and nothing else. Yep you said it, it's a disgrace.

10:43 pm  

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