Saturday, December 01, 2007

People, be aware of this lot if your looking for last minute tickets for a concert.

A colleague of mine has just gone through a most harrowing experience and it's not over yet !

You see, she is a great, and I mean great with a capital G, Take That fan, along with her three friends who as a group of girls have been to a concert on every Take That tour there has ever been.
As everyone knows, this latest tour was sold out so quickly you didn't have time to draw breath before the shutters were down! In desperation, the girls hunted the web and came across the glitzy web site and applied for tickets last February and handed over their credit card payment to the tune of £760.12. Yes, you have got it ...almost £200 per ticket. I think you get the picture now that these girls are well and truly fans and have counted the days to the November concert for the past nine months.

No tickets arrived and in desperation my colleague phoned and e-mailed them and didn't get a reply. 2 days before the concert No1soldoutevents contacted my colleague and said tickets were not available and they would credit her VISA card.

Yes, you read correctly, this mob have sat on the girls money earning interest for nine months and flippantly say sorry there are no tickets. Were there ever any tickets you may ask yourself? Even after saying there were no tickets they were still advertising them for sale on their web site...oh yeah !!

To add insult to injury they said four days after the bombshell that they could no longer credit the credit card and needed my colleagues bank account details to credit her account. Well, would you do that ?

Now it's a cheque in the post and at the time of writing this has still not been received.

Does this smack of a breathtaking scam... what do you think ? Imagine how much money can be extorted from vulnerable people, leave it in a bank account earning interest and then say, goods not available here's you money back and we will just pocket the interest..thanks and goodbye you mugs.

Trading standards need to look at this methinks. Oh, the website has dramatically changed in the past week and it has been jazzed up and contains testimonials from satisfied clients now saying how wonderful their service is. Oh what a surprise but then anyone can write those can't they.

To leave you on a high note, after all the crying and gnashing of teeth, out of desperation my colleague the day before the concert telephoned the NEC and she was offered restricted viewing tickets and you cannot imagine the screams and crying of delight from the girls, I heard some of it on the speaker phone. It was brilliant. They went and even with restricted viewing they had such a wonderful night, saw more than enough of the Take That guys, heard every song perfectly and drank in the incredible atmosphere and all for the price of....£28.00 each. Yes, you heard correctly £28.00.

There is a lesson for all of us in this and that is, no matter how desperate you are there is always someway out. Have a look at this No1soldoutevents website, remember it well and whatever you do steer clear of them if you want to keep your money and avoid disappointment.


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