Sunday, July 15, 2007

Town and Country Planning

I have just received a notification from the local council concerning a planning application to develop a run down pub nearby. You know the usual blurb...about your right to make comments and observations which of course will not be taken into consideration in the end !
Now I am not really against the development as the pub is an eyesore and it will help raise the profile of the area but .....
What amazes me is the intellect of these planning officials. There are twelve dwellings and the comment from one lady committee member to the Planning Officer was "I will be looking for a 35% for affordable housing as there is a substantial need in this area" (exact grammar). 35%...err.. derr 4.2 dwellings !! Would it not have been easier and more appropriate to say 1/3 rd ?
Beware these "intelligent" (sic) people who are making important decisions that may affect your life !! Brain transplants are not yet available on the NHS.


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