Saturday, April 07, 2007

Any Dream Will Do

I cannot believe I am once again viewing another reality T.V. progrmme, but then again we are living in a funny old world.

Last time I was a bit voiciferous about the search for "Maria" so what is different this time ? Well the panel for a start has four judges and my old friend Zoe Tyler pops up once again as vocal coach. During the Maria thingy I warmed to Zoe over the weeks, mainly because I read a bit about her background and found that the hard line T.V. personna she projected was in part T.V. posturing and not at all like her offstage image.

I retracted my comments in my blog toward the end of the Maria series and I hope you read them Zoe.

This first episode in the search for Joseph was dramatic and very good viewing. There are two or three very good potential Josephs in the finalists. Excuse please the names escape me but the guy from the Gospel choir that ALW went to visit and the young guy who was brought up by his nan and grandad are two we think have what it takes.

To end, we were also very moved by the scene of Zoe comforting one candidate who never made it through. Did I feel awful about "Maria".... you bet I did.

It was good to see Bill Kenwright and Denise Van Outen on the panel..... we will be watching tonight.


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