Friday, April 06, 2007

15 British Hostages returned from Iran

I am very pleased for the 15 military personnel and their families that they have been returned to the UK safe and sound.

There are a lot of questions to be answered over this escapade not least how they were allowed to be captured in the first place with all the high tech assistance that was undoubtedly surrounding them. We should never loose sight of the fact that we are dealing with a very unstable Iranian Government with a warped sense of justice and they only just have one toe in the waters of the civilised world. Iran's behaviour was at the very least outrageous and appalling.

However, it reminds me of the time just over a year ago when I was waiting in Bahrain airport for a flight to London and there waiting also to board the same plane was the Iranian Junior Karate team with their trainers/minders. They were so happy (loud and noisy) just like any other group of teenagers, clad in their official team tracksuits. I thought to myself then, on one hand there was Iran posturing to the world and taking delight in ignoring concerns over their nuclear aspirations, threatening death to British and Western people and on the other there was us welcoming their sportsmen with open arms to take part in competition in the country that was reviled so much.

I was confused, but I came to the conclusion that the majority of normal decent civilised Iranians do not go along with the harsh rhetoric and mad posturing of the hard liners in their country mainly fuelled by the division between Islam and the West.

When I saw the recent pictures on T.V. of the mobs in Iran baying for the blood of the 15 British military personnel my mind went back to those happy, charming kids who were on my flight to London one year previous. Was I right about the majority or is the left wing minority of hardliners just a myth ? Maybe it's time for the majority of normal decent people in Iran to make a move and send the rest of their "teams" out into the western world and embrace the waiting human race.


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