Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Shame Of Srebrenica

Hey Guys, it looks like I have lost some of my previous blog on the subject of the Dutch MOD handing out medals to the brave Dutchbat unit who were supposed to be guarding the UN enclave of Srebrenica. It is shameful and quite disgusting for them to do this in view of the fact that these soldiers stood by and watched 8,000 men and boys be taken away and massacred just around the corner from their barracks. It was even rumoured that some of the Dutchbat unit helped in the round up.
Jasmin, herself a bosnian, has replied to my blog and thanked me for making these comments. This has made me feel very humble because they, the Bosnian people, have to stand by and watch this humiliation knowing and seeing first hand what happened. How wretched and angry they must feel and quite rightly so.
As a mark of respect to Jasmin I am linking to the web site she guided me to. Please judge for yourselves whether the issuing of medals is justified.
As an added insult to the people of Srebrenica we, the supposed civilised members of the western world , still allow the barbarians Mladic and Karadic to roam free.


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