Sunday, December 10, 2006

Help the Salvation Army this Christmas

Christmas is nearly here and the streets will soon be buzzing with numerous organisations shaking their collecting tins. The competition will be fierce to get some of your loose change but I would ask you to spare a special thought for the brilliant work done by the "Salvos".

Think of all those homeless individuals who will be thankful for the smile and the meal they will get from the multitude of volunteers working for the Salvation Army. Think of the battered and abused women who are fleeing their homes with their children to escape the violence they are subjected to on a daily basis and will be grateful for the refuge that will bring some peace into their horrendous lives. Yep, there will be stiff competition out there but just remember when you reach into your deep pocket.. the Salvation Army are at it 24/7.. 365 days of the year so PLEASE give generously to them this Christmas. You will at least be certain where your hard earned money will go. Thank you very much.


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