Sunday, October 15, 2006

Speed Scameras and the buckets of money to be made !

Thank you Mail On Sunday for telling us what we already knew, that speed cameras were raking in buckets of money on the back of the outright lie that they are all about safety.
Not only this, but they have exposed through an undercover reporter that the main supplier Tele -Traffic is headed by and staffed by ex-coppers who have obviously found a lucrative retirement home with the prospect of making mega bucks to fund their pensions. Oh my ! what a surprise.
I hope that the general public of this great Nation, who have been well and truly duped by the police and this Government and who also may well have been the subject of suspect fines (please read the link), take to their feet and show this disingenuous mob who govern us what we really think about their lies and deceit.
If one of the many driving organisations out there who are fighting so hard on our behalf want to arrange something please publish the details and I will be one who will be happy to join you.
I hate liar scumbags, and this goes for everyone involved in this scam. Something needs to be done once and for all, so can we at least start by having an independent enquiry into these outrageous but not unexpected revelations, or would that be too much to expect ?


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