Monday, October 09, 2006

Further Leave To Remain

Recently we have had the OFT telling Banks that they should reduce their punitive charges for going overdrawn, which in general lie around the £30.00 mark.
Now this makes me laugh really as, sure these banks are all taking us to the cleaners and should be stopped immediately. However, if the Government are so worried about us, the British public, being screwed left right and centre.. then why don't they look in their own back yard.
My partner is going for his "Leave To Remain" visa soon, and we will go to the appropriate office armed with our civil partnership certificate , wage slips etc etc. for our half hour interview. Oh, and also with £500 in our pocket to pay for it. Yes, £500 because we want it settled on the same day rather than trusting the post and having to wait around for the normal process to take approximately 3 to 14 weeks and have no personal representation. Oh, and that costs £300 anyway.
Talk about calling the chimney sweep black !!! This is extortion of the highest order and there is simply no excuse for this blatant money grabbing for time spent and administration by this Government Department. £30...£500, £30...£500, £30...£500...... keep saying it and see if you can get your head round the discrepancy, cause I can't.


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