Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Chief Constable Meredydd (6 points) Hughes ..AGAIN

I have just listened to Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes of South Yorkshire police on Newsnight trying to defend why there appears to be one law for the police and one law for the public when it comes to prosecuting the police for speeding offences.

There are cases around the country and one blatant one on his own patch where police officers have either refused to be identified or the police fail to identify the drivers of speeding police vehicles, thus they drop their own case against themselves. Does that smack of crookedness or what !! Wouldn't you like to handle your own speeding case in the same way ? It really beggars belief.

Don't forget that this man has thrown down the gauntlet to British drivers and arrogantly stated that they (the police) will pursue drivers who get off their speeding fines through a technicality. Now if I am not mistaken, what the police are doing here is more than just a technicality, it in fact sounds pretty suspect to me.

Despite Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes breathtaking arrogance, his bluster all through the interview with Gavin Essler was not at all convincing and I am sure that the listening public was not taken in by his lame excuses and well rehearsed rhetoric. He looked mightily uncomfortable from where I was standing.

Today, the case goes before the European Courts over the issue of divulging the drivers name in speeding cases and failure to do so means prosecution of the car owner. I hope that the court is sensible enough to find in favour of the British public and outlaw this odious practice of prosecuting someone by default who may not have committed any driving offence at all.

I would suggest that everyone who is not happy with the aforementioned abuse of power by the police supports a speed camera action group. I have linked to one you might find interesting and they fight hard to make the public aware of the injustices being heaped on the drivers of this country in the pursuance of revenue creation.


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