Sunday, October 15, 2006

British Troops Should Pull Out Of Iraq Soon

So says Chief of the general staff of the British Army, General Richard Dannatt. Controversial maybe, but he could be right. Of course, the consequences of such a withdrawal may be catastrophic for the ordinary Iraqi people who have suffered for thirty odd years under a Saddam dictatorship and who now look forward to some sort of democratic freedom.
It is obscene to any of us in the free and civilised world that so called freedom fighters / Insurgents (read terrorists) are prepared to kill their own people wholesale in the name of Islam and be very proud of their achievements. Life seems to be cheap to these apologists for followers of a seemingly peaceful religion.
So, to pull out and stop our own troops getting killed or risk the wholesale slaughter of the innocents ? General Dannatt has certainly touched a raw nerve and if nothing else has opened up a festering wound on the subject.
As an aside and irritation, when listening to the General speaking, I just wish he would stop talking about HIS troops/men, HIS army etc. In fact mate, it's our army not yours ! Every single one of us tax payers army and don't forget that we only pay you to manage it for us o.k. Stop being so covetous of it, you are only a public servant after all. End of subject !!!


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