Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Davina Whiteman

I guess the equestrian world must be in a state of shock over the ousting of Davina Whiteman as Chairman of Ponies (UK). I don't know Davina Whiteman personally but one thing I know for sure is Davina made Ponies (UK) what it is today through her drive, determination, boundless energy and vision.
Davina formed Ponies (UK) with her mother Joan Lee-Smith (known to the small jockeys as Aunty Joan) soon after J.L-S was ousted from The British Show Pony Society in what we showing folk long remember as a "night of the long knives". It was despicable even then.
So Davina made a mistake in introducing the clap-o-meter at the Summer P (UK) Championships.. so what !! For gods sake think of all the innovations that she introduced which succeeded.
Stuart Hollings in Horse and Hound this week commented under the heading "Saddest Moment" that Davina Whiteman was a woman of vision, she understands the needs of showing and although the clap-o-meter was a flop there have been many great innovations. Stuart, well said and spot on !!
Davina, on behalf of all the ordinary amateur showing folk I would like to wish you every success for the future and to thank you for your outstanding contribution to pony showing.
This is indeed a "saddest moment" for UK showing.


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