Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Madonna and the adoption

This will be a long running story no doubt, but honestly what is unusual about it?? Rich woman wants to adopt a child from a third world country and give him a better future.
It happens in the pony showing world too. Once your family grow up and are no longer eligible for pony classes suddenly one day a replacement jockey arrives from overseas to start at the bottom end of the ladder (lead rein / first ridden) and as that one progresses up to 128 cm / 138cm, low and behold another arrives to start at the bottom again. Call me a cynic if you will........but production line jockeys comes to mind. It has been the source of much debate and gossip over the years I have to say.

Still, good luck Madge, if it is a means to an end why should you be treated any different.


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