Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Shame Of Srebrenica

I may be a little behind on this one because I have been away from my desk but I cannot let this go without some sort of comment.
I was amazed to learn that the Dutch Government were going to hand out service medals to the battalion which was put in charge of guarding


Anonymous Jasmin said...

WW, thanks for your comment to the horrifying, shameful decision of Dutch MoD to hand to the DutchBat medals for their "courage". I am Bosnian myself and the whole nation was in shock when we heard they would be given awards - those brave soldiers who stood by and let 8000 people get killed in front of their very eyes, just around the corner of their HQ and in the woods. Did you know that when the DutchBat bravely left the crime scene and travelled to Zagreb they made a wild party and got drunk as if nothing had happened!
If you are interested, there is an article summary related to this written by a DutchBat interpreter. Too bad the whole article is not translated to English.



9:08 am  
Blogger White Wolf said...


Thank you for your comments. What can I say..I have read the article and shame does not adequately describe how Dutchbat should feel.

I cannot imagine how it feel's to watch your family walk into almost certain death. It's an apalling thought!!

For trained soldiers to stand by and watch and do nothing is an affront to the civilised world. For them to value life in such a cheap way is beyond contempt.

For the sake of those who died so needlessly, we in the rest of the world must NEVER forget about this deplorable period in your history.

Peace be with you Jasmin, I share your's and your fellow countryman's pain in this.

8:10 pm  
Anonymous Jasmin said...

Thank you, my friend. Peace be with you too. I've bookmarked your blog.


8:43 am  

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