Friday, April 06, 2007

Somerset Levels

I don't know about you but there is something very peaceful and beautiful about the Somerset countryside. This time of the year everything is in a stage of renewal against the flatness of the levels, the wildlife, the willows and the riens which criss cross the landscape.

I was driving from Taunton to Wells and what struck me as I went through Burrowbridge toward Street was the absolute mess of the farms on either side of the road in this area of "outstanding natural beauty". They made the township of Soweto in South Africa look positively upmarket, with their array of corrugated tin buildings which were falling down, paddocks / fields strewn with ancient broken down farm machinery left to rot where it lay, animals grazing amongst the rubbish left from unfinished bales of haylage with its polythene covers flapping in the wind.

It was an eyesore and totally spoilt this beautiful area. Come on Somerset County Council, you can do better than this, get something done about it and promote the area as an area of "beauty" not a Council tip.


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