Sunday, December 24, 2006

Davina Whiteman

So Davina Whiteman (seen on the left in the picture) has been re-elected as Chairman of Ponies UK. At last some sense has prevailed in the P UK debacle ! Well done Davina.

Jon Phillips has resigned from the board in a fit of pique and in the immortal words of Catherine Tate " Face bovered, bovered face ... am I bovered ?"

Davina said very graciously in Horse and Hound this week she was "disappointed" by Jon Phillips's decision to step down after three years with P(UK), but was "very excited" about the four new board members who joined the organisation at the AGM on 19 November. Very nicely put Davina when reading between the lines you must have really meant "good riddance" !!

On reflection then, perhaps it is time that Ponies UK did move on and if in the process they dump their real unwanted baggage, then so be it.

I wish good luck to you and your fellow Board members Davina. Perhaps Ponies UK can really move on now and continue to flourish for the benefit of all horse and pony lovers throughout the U.K. A challenge ahead ? No doubt, but one that I am sure your enthusiasm and dedication can cope with.


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