Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Just a bit of a warning really. I have been using a free version of LimeWire to download the odd music track when I have received a recommendation about a band from a friend. It's basically just so I can hear what they are like.
Anyhow, recently I have had no end of trouble as no matter what I type in I get loads of junk popping up with an attached Trojan virus. You may think it's actually what you are searching for as it states Track 1, Track 2, Track 3 etc etc. or Wicked Re-Mix and so on. It can also attach the name of the band you are searching for to the end of the track number i.e. Track 1 (band name).
So this is a warning, stay clear of LimeWire, it's a mess and if you are not properly protected with a virus checker and firewall you will end up in a mess too. Leave well alone, and remember, nothing is for free without some problem attached to it !!


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