Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ambushed at Sainsbury's

Are you like me..just sick and tired of being ambushed at the entrance to supermarkets by a myriad of charity collectors !!

They place themselves in such a position that you have no choice but to squeeze past them and their held out begging bucket.

They even hover at the end of the check outs to pack your shopping and you feel obliged to give them your hard earned cash even though you have been duped into having your shopping shoved into a carrier bag.

Now don't get me wrong ..I am not a tight fisted person, in fact I am pretty generous when it comes to giving for good causes. However, I like to give when I feel it appropriate and to the charities I believe in and not those that make me feel uncomfortable when I pass by and don't drop a few coins into their bucket.

I want to enjoy my shopping experience not made to feel uncomfortable for gods sake !

So to all you supermarkets out there...please stop this practice or you may loose your customers. We all have to work hard nowadays to earn our little bit of cash and most of us don't have much spare to give away. So at least give us the courtesy of choosing who we give it to without these emotional hi -jacking tactics you are condoning.


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