Saturday, April 28, 2007

Can You Trust This Government To Keep Your Personal Records Private ?

Frankly, the answer has to be a big resounding No. The recent revelation that junior doctors records have been available on the internet for all to see should worry us all. There may have been tons of spin from those who are supposedly guardians of our freedom and liberty telling us that access was limited and that it was only for a short time but the whole point is that the personal information was not fully protected.

We are being told that if we have our private medical records on a central data base it will help us to receive better and quicker responsive treatment which will save our lives. Hmmm, maybe in theory this is true but if we cannot rely on those keeping the information to ensure it's security then we might as well take the risk on our health and keep our personal information well and truly private by not allowing it to be kept on a central data base anywhere.

You can reject this scheme, it's your individual right so I suggest everyone who is uneasy about this current security lapse, and you should be, writes to their doctor and tell them you don't want your records put on any central data base.

As for identity information on central data bases ...... be afraid, very afraid.


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