Saturday, April 28, 2007

Porcupine Tree

I went to see a Porcupine Tree gig last week and have to say as usual they were pretty stunning. Their front man Steven Wilson (well, it's his band really) is a genius songwriter and although he looks like the guy on the beach you would kick sand over, what he lacks in physical stature he more than makes up for with breathtaking musical muscle. Go and buy their latest album "Fear Of A Blank Planet" which is only just released, it's hard hitting social comment to music. Steven Wilson writes music about everyday life and some of it is uncomfortable, but you cannot escape his musical genius no matter what. If your interested in pure progressive musicianship go and buy their albums and find out if they are playing somewhere near you. The only thing I am curious about is seeing as Steven is a Hemel Hempstead boy, why hasn't he penned a song called "Radioactive Buncefield " ?


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