Monday, October 15, 2007

Have we given our country away ?

A colleague of mine from work has just returned from a holiday in France. She enjoyed it so much, the food, the countryside and the people.

She was talking about how much she and her husband would like to move there but of course the issue of work availability came up. During this conversation something strange and thought provoking was said. In a nutshell, it was stated to her by the French locals that they couldn't understand why we (the British) had given our country away, now that it is heaving at the seams with Eastern European immigrants.

It was stated that in France, if a job, say, for a teacher was advertised and there were six applicants, five well qualified from overseas and one lesser qualified from France, the one from France would get the job.

Very thought provoking don't you think ? Ask yourself, were the french locals right ? have we really given our country away. Time will indeed tell.

For sure there is one big winner, the Catholic Church who now have standing room only at Sunday services.


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